Refresh Old Data

Many qualified candidates are already in your ATS database, but the data is old and out of date, and you don't tap this resource! Crowded:RefreshTM updates each candidate with the latest jobs, skills, location, certifications and education data, pulled from numerous sources using our proprietary data-sourcing and validation algorithm. It then matches, ranks, and warms up the best talent for your open jobs - all with one click. It's like magic.

You paid a ton of money to build your candidate database. Make this data work for you!

Connect Instantly

Using Crowded's award winning* candidate warm-up bot, matched candidates are automatically contacted about relevant open positions. Recruiters can jump in and chat with interested candidates in real time.

*Crowded won the 2017 TekTonic Award for Mobile Excellence in Recruiting

Analytics and Insights

Who is in your database anyway? With Crowded:RefreshTM You can use visual analytics to see who is there, statistics of skills, locations, interests, comparisons of hired to not-hired candidates, and much more. All of this is exportable to PDF and PPT, so you can quickly review with your team or put together amazing presentation for your next big meeting.

Seamless Integration

Crowded is integrated with the leading Applicant Tracking Systems. We handle all the connections needed in the background to seamlessly access job and candidate data, and display full analytics on your candidates.

and many more!

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