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Valilly, Inc. Acquires Crowded Platform

Dear Crowded Visitor,
We are excited to announce that the Crowded system, which has been a leader in innovation within the HR Tech industry through its ingenious coupling of talent management software solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning, has been acquired by Valilly, Inc., a team of ambitious HR Tech experts with the means and drive to push the boundaries of Talent Intelligence innovation to heretofore unrealized new heights.
Today, Valilly, by merging Crowded's unique recruiting logistics methodology into the newly-launched Valilly platform, will offer an extensive suite of innovative Talent Intelligence tools that will further change the HR Tech industry. Simply put, this acquisition will be a tipping point in the HR Tech industry, forever changing the way companies’ source, recruit, hire, manage and transition talent.
What does this mean for you?
If you are already a Crowded enterprise customer, your account has been migrated to the new Valilly platform, which contains greatly advanced versions of all of the features and applications you previously enjoyed with the Crowded system, while providing newly-built, innovative tools and features that are continuously being enhanced and refined.
For those that have not previously been customers of Crowded, now is your chance to take advantage of a game-changing HR Tech Talent Intelligence system that is leaps and bounds ahead of that which was once enjoyed by Crowded customers, with tremendous new feature advancements, as well as a significant suite of Talent Intelligence tools and applications at your disposal.
We hope that you will take this opportunity to learn more about Valilly and the cutting-edge Talent Intelligence system that human resource departments and hiring managers are excitedly using in increasingly growing numbers. So why not take a moment to reach out to Valilly right away to schedule a system demo with a Valilly Talent Intelligence Representative today.
Yours truly,
The Valilly Team

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